So Social

Recently, I’ve been updating and renovating just about everything on this blog,
and while doing so, if there’s anything I’ve learned about maintaining a blog,
social media, social media, social media!
So with that,
I’m jumping on the social media wagon, and making a Facebook page for this blog.
I’ll be posting over there full of
blog updates, life updates, and all of the other updates that you can think of.
Click below to ‘Like’ the page (pretty please!)
I’m pretty excited about what’s to come in the future for myself,
I’m finally applying for my visa this month,
finally finding a place to live
(You THINK flat-hunting is hard …
try doing it from another country),
then I will be FINALLY beginning that crazy packing chaos,
and boarding my flight in August.
There’s still a lot to do,
which means there’s still a lot to write about.
I’m pretty excited. You should be too.
Juuuuuuuust trust me.


May 31, 2014 · 3:04 AM

6 responses to “So Social

  1. …Yay for the visa process (no, not really)!!…

  2. …Shoot me, haha!!…But don’t worry, girlie–soon, we’ll be in Europe, :-D!!!!…


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